Skin Care

Happy Beauty Model

Hydrofusion Facial

1-1.5 Hours per Service

A gentle deep cleansing airbrush like treatment customized to your skin type.It improves the appearance and the texture of the skin by deeply stimulating the collagen, infusing theskins hydration , an over all Skin Rejuvenation.

 From : $125


Full Body Waxing

Approx. 1 Hr per Service

Offering Full Body waxing Services

From: $25 and up depending on the treatment area.

Professional Facial


1 hour

Restore healthier , smoother skin with deep exfoliation using diamond tip technology.


From: $80

Beauty Treatment

Deep Cleansing Facial

1 hour

 Ultrasonic Technology is used to gently remove oil, dirt, and other congestion. The skin is stimulated to encourage collagen and elastin production and allow serums to penetrate deeply into the skin. Immediately improves the health, tone, and texture of the skin



Exfoliation Treatment

1 - 1.5 hr

Like a facial but for your back!

includes Cleanse,Exfoliation, extractions,  relaxing manipulation, ( mini massage) Moister / body polish.



Jade Roller

Cool Breeze Facial

1 hour

Customized Cooling Facial with Cold Cyro Globes and Guasha. A Lyphatic Drainig detox facial.